It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Allison Duquette as a candidate for the Vermont House of Representative serving Westford and Milton (CHI-25 District). Allison is a very accomplished, active and passionate person. In addition to being a wife and a mom to a seven-year-old, she is a small business owner and farmer with a biology degree and personal training certification. Allison’s decision to run for State Representative is out of concern for Vermont’s future.

Allison is passionate about improving and expanding Vermont’s economy. This, she believes, is the only way to reduce the tax burden and overall cost of living. She understands that expansion cannot take place unless Vermont can attract workers to replace the large number of Vermonters leaving the workforce. She knows this will not occur until workforce housing can be expanded and living in Vermont is more affordable.

Coming from a multi-generation Vermont dairy farming family, Allison is very concerned about the state’s agriculture industry, which is in trouble. The current supply chain problems, increases in food prices, and pending worldwide food shortages highlight the need for local production. She understands that preserving farms is the best way to keep Vermont rural and to provide local food resources for Vermonters.

Education is another area of concern for Allison. She is a member of the Milton PTA and has attended many Milton School Board meetings. She feels it is her duty as a parent to be as involved as possible. She has expressed the need for more transparency and support for parental rights. Allison looks forward to learning more about concerns that Westford and Milton parents have regarding their school districts.

I firmly believe Allison will fairly represent the interest of our district and support policies that will improve the lives of not just Westford and Milton residents but all Vermonters.

  • Robert Bancroft former Representative Westford/Essex

I am writing in endorsement of Allison Duquette for House in the Westford/Milton district. I first met Allison while she was campaigning door-to-door for support for the recent primary elections. She took the time to explain her stance to my husband and me so that we could understand why she is running for office, and what her priorities are.

Allison’s core values target the most pressing issues that we as Vermonters are facing. The main idea that spoke to me personally was her stance on education. She strongly believes that parents should be welcomed back into the school community and given a say in how their children are taught. Schools have gotten too far from their core purpose of educating children on basic knowledge, and in my opinion, are overstepping the roles of educators. Parents should have the knowledge that their children are in a safe environment, mentally and physically, when dropped off to school. I personally have had to put my children into a private school for the upcoming year due to physical abuse that my daughter experienced in public school. There was very little done by the staff to stop it from continuing.

As a small business owner, the ever-rising costs we are experiencing is something that I am very concerned with. Allison is also a small business owner and with the same concerns is looking to work on legislation that will help make Vermont affordable, help attract employers into Vermont, and young people to live here to work for those employers.

These last two years have proven difficult for our nation as a whole. Across our nation we have seen farmers hit the hardest with the costs of basic needs rising. As a native Vermonter with a family of farmers, Allison understands this well. Farmers are vital to our economy and for keeping the people of Vermont fed.

Please join me in voting for Allison Duquette for Westford/Milton.

  • Natalia Stratton Westford resident and President Climate Systems, Inc.

If you support Governor Phil Scott, please help build a coalition of common sense for him in Montpelier.

When one-party rules, everything goes out of balance. Look at the crime wave in Burlington!

Please join me in voting for Allison Duquette for the Westford/Milton House Seat. I'm convinced that Allison will keep the good of all Vermonters in mind and guide us forward in a thoughtful and practical manner.

  • Sheila Franz Westford resident

I don't usually do these things but felt I would this time . Many of you have heard of my company and know who I am . I am a 25 year resident of Milton , I have put two children through our local school systems one graduated in 2014 the other is a freshman. I my self have volunteered and donated a lot of time to our community and I also have donated financially to our schools and local food shelf . That is why when I make a recommendation for someone I take my time . I'm here to say that I've never met an individual like Allison she is the type of candidate for all Vermonters not a particular party all Vermonters . She is a true Vermonter a small business owner a farmer . Experience well folks you can't get anymore experience then knowing what a small business owner goes through in Vermont Allison does . Her experience as a farmer and having to deal with all the different state regulations and let's be honest bs she knows it . She shows up for everyone not just some all . She also has a young family that helps alot . I know some will say well she doesn't have political experience but is that what Vermont needs . My opinion no we need someone who has experience in owning a small business a farm someone who can understand what the everyday blue collar person goes through . And someone who will help with high costs of living and inflation things that hurt our seniors and our low income . I know my spelling and grammar isn't perfect so I'm sorry . I know some out there will bring up wether or not she voted for trump . Why does that matter if she did or didn't? Folks this is Vermont she running at a local level let's keep the federal politics out of this state it only divides us . Allison is a true honest helpful hard working mother who wants what's best for all Vermonters. I hope you will consider voting for her . We need to change the way politics are done in Vermont . A vote for Allison is a vote for change a vote to fight inflation and vote to fight taxes

  • Sean Tatro Milton resident and Owner Larry and Son Heating Service LLC

As the Vermont House race between Julia Andrews and Allison Duquette heats up, I just want to say that I have a lot of respect for both of these qualified individuals. It is a huge commitment to be willing to run for office and to serve us all. My hat is off to you both for your hard work and dedication!

That said, I want to share why I am supporting Allison Duquette, and would encourage you to consider the same.

I appreciate that Allison is Pro-Choice and that she does not support Proposal 5 / Article 22. Frankly, I don't know what Prop 5 is trying to say or accomplish, but in my opinion, it is far too ambiguous and poorly written to be a worthy addition to our State's Constitution.

I appreciate that Allison does not devote time or energy to yesterday's news or dwelling on frustrations or failings of the past. Giving more "air-time" to those topics only serves to divide us further. I like that she is instead focusing her thinking and energies forward, on what she can influence and accomplish within the House role and term that she seeks.

I appreciate that Allison is dedicated to reducing the regulatory burden on all of Vermont's small businesses, and especially farmers and child-care providers which - let's face it - are in crisis! Our economy is in deep trouble and needs some real change to make its way off "life-support."

And finally, at this juncture, I think we are better served by sending a conservative to Montpelier, to increase the diversity of voices and perspectives that reside there, rather than adding one more number to the 90+ super-majority of democrats already in the Vermont House.

  • Vicky Ross Westford Resident